Neova Premier


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This is Neova Premier, a limited edition box designed to answer all your unreasonable desires. Designed for you and for your loved ones, Neova Premier is the all-inclusive experience packed with Enhancia breakthrough technology, gathering all flagship products developed around Neova. Choose between 3 boxes, featuring SWAM Saxophones and SWAM Strings Collection.

There are only 40 Neova Premier in this world, what are you waiting for?

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Inside the box

Premier Packaging

MIDI Cable

Neova Ring

Neova Case

Neova Hub

Dashboard Software

8 Ring Sizes

Plume Early Access (July 21)

USB Cable

Plume Sounds Collection (May 21)

MIDI Adaptors

Roland Cloud Pro - 6 months


The perfect harmony with Neova.

Plume by Enhancia is a VST Host that comes with a selection of inspiring sounds specifically designed for Neova. Every gesture has already been assigned for you so you will not waste your time creating configurations. By simply scrolling presets, you can explore the richness of numerous sounds while focusing on your creative workflow.

Endless possibilities at your fingertips.

SWAM Engine

by Audio Modeling

Audio Modeling is the incredible team behind the SWAM instruments. As groundbreaking craftsmen, they have selected the right well-honed tools and spent years finely tuning each constant of their software. The result is an outstanding digital work of art that sounds incredibly realistic and expressive. Driven by the same vision, our teams have started collaborating to bring together unparalleled products that offer both expressive sound and control. Neova and SWAM instruments are a perfect match. The expression you can get out of this combination is truly amazing.

When expressive sounds meet the expressive controller.
Start the journey now.

Roland Cloud Pro

Free 6-Month Membership* ($49 value)

Enjoy two Roland classics with the TR-808 Software Rhythm Composer and the inimitable D-50 Software Synthesizer. In addition, from Roland's legacy of innovation, comes the new  ZENOLOGY Pro  ZEN-Core-compatible synthesizer. Enjoy a library of sound expansions for software, several Model Expansions, and the convenience of cloud-based mobility.  

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Neova Premier Sax


SAVE 200 €/$

Everything in Neova Premier, and:

  • SWAM SAX Soprano
  • SWAM SAX Alto
  • SWAM SAX Tenor
  • SWAM SAX Baritone

Neova Premier Strings


SAVE 210 €/$

Everything in Neova Premier, and:

  • SWAM Violin
  • SWAM Viola
  • SWAM Cello
  • SWAM Double bass








They talk about us

“Neova augments whatever tune you’re playing with effects that are common in modern music with natural gestures and in real time.”


“We saw a small mountain of cool stuff at CES this week, but this one is still on my mind a few days later.”

“These movements were chosen because they tend to be natural gestures while playing a keyboard.”

“Digitally controls for music are nothing new, but having them built into a ring is.”

Our customers love us

 4.6 rating

German R.

Neova ring can add feeling even to libraries not designed for it.

I am amazed by this product! I used it with the first violin sound I found, I mean, it is not even designed to work with it, but I am delighted. I chose to use the ring in my left hand to add more realism, as if I was playing a real violin.

11 days ago

Thibault H.

I was impressed by how plug and play it was.

Just installed the software, connected the hub, and it was already correctly mapped and working with many logic's synths <3

14 days ago

Martin Z.

I wanted to congratulate you for the excellent work with Neova, it is simply wonderful!

I work with Logic Pro, mainly symphonic composition. The shipping has been very fast and the presentation of the product in its box, first class! The device works ... great! I'm so glad I bought it. Again, once again, congratulations!

8 days ago

Dean W.

The NEOVA ring is a game changer.

To be able to control essential midi parameters with natural hand gestures while playing synths is something I always dreamed of...and now it’s a reality. Really, I used to shake my hands like a string player using vibrato on long notes anyway...but now with my ring on the vibrato actually happens!

16 days ago

Mark I.

I am a music student and I hesitated because of the price, but I thought it was worth trying with the 30 day return offer. I am not gonna return it, never. One ring to rule them all!!

12 days ago

Gil A.

I LOVE IT! Even though I have never seen a product like that, I got the hang of it within seconds which is pretty remarkable, you did a good job.

13 days ago

Claudio P.

I like how you can decide which aspect of the sound you want to control, but also how much of the movement affects the sound. I totally recommend it.

4 days ago

Carole B.

First I wanna say that the final design is amazing, but so does the packaging. It really feels like the Devialet luxurious side. I was expecting a gadget but this is much more like a jewel.

3 days ago

Ben S.

It’s been a few days since I received my Neova. Omg I am doing the vibrato gesture even without having the ring!

9 days ago



Neova Premier Sax


SAVE 200 €/$

Neova Premier Strings


SAVE 210 €/$


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