Neova – Enhance your expressiveness

Neova – Expressive MIDI Ring Controller


Neova is a multi-award winning MIDI ring controller designed to bridge the gap between musical intention and emotion. The high-end wearable enables you to control sound effects with natural and intuitive hand gestures to enhance your expressivity.

  30 day return

  1 year warranty

  Delivery within 7 days


Express yourself more freely by adding 4 layers of emotional expression to your play. Freedom at your fingertips.


Do not replace your favorite hardware synths, software instruments or plug-ins, make each one of them more expressive. Your lifetime companion just got upgraded.


Make incredible new sounds by combining our 4 natural gestures for a multi-dimensional control on your music. It’s time, take control.


Focus solely on your composition, forget about post-production. Each one of your performances have just become unique and instant.


You did not know you were missing Neova, it has now become a part of your identity.

Together, let’s wander to the furthest fringes of your limitless imagination.



Using our Dashboard Software, easily assign any parameters of the sound from your synths, DAW or plug-ins to our 4 intuitive gestures.
Save your presets after customizing the sensitivity or CCs

Inside the box

Neova Hub

Neova Ring

8 ring sizes

dashboard software

Midi cables

Usb cable

Neova First Impressions

Several artists share their genuine and candid reactions to their first try with Neova.
Discover Neova with them.

Insanely Compact, Unnaturally Natural.

Elegance is not a luxury. Though extremely compact, our 17-awards-winning MIDI Controller has been carefully designed by French engineering minds to elevate your musical experience while keeping an organic and natural shape.

Together let’s wander to the furthest fringes of your limitless imagination.

Customer Reviews

Nick Womersley
Nick Womersley
superb made for cool cats
Michael Mohr
Michael Mohr
Produkt ist sehr gut und mit Sounds von Audio Modeling überragend. Roland Sound Libary funktioniert nicht so gut es gibt Probleme mit Sprache und Berechtigung sie nutzen zu dürfen. Eine deutsche Bedienungsanleitung hätte ich auch gerne. Ansonsten sehr inspirierend und ansprechend. 👍
Maria Zapata
Maria Zapata
Excellent service, I was given tracking information. the item arrived from France intact. The product was well packaged.
D. S.
D. S.
I was a little unsure of this at first, but decided to go for it and so glad I did. Once I worked out how to get it going, this ring is superb! And when I used it with Spitfire Audio orchestral products it gave so much realism to the sounds.
Robert Saint John
Robert Saint John
I ordered the ‎Neova Premier from the USA and received it very quickly, well-packed. The packaging and contents are beautiful. More important, the Neova ring truly has exceeded my expectations. It’s bringing some new life to the gear I already paid for, so it’s been a good investment. It feels like a natural extension of my own touch, and it was easy to set up. The dashboard software is as elegant as the physical ring.
Michael Neil
Michael Neil
A greater freedom of expression is something I have always endeavoured to achieve. At last, with the Neova ring, Enhancia have made it possible. The care and attention that has gone into its creation is inspiring. As the principle of the ring reminds me of that wonderful French electronic instrument from the 1920s, the Ondes Martenot, it really would be something to be able to recreate that playing method with this very latest in cutting edge technology. I would also very much like to be able to control the pitch with something like a ribbon controller effect. Congratulations Enhancia. I very much look forward to our adventures together.
Anthony Warrington
Anthony Warrington
I really enjoy using it for live performances. It adds ambience and an additional level of control that was absent from my normal keyboard controller. With it I can control the shape, texture, and/or presence of music elements and sounds. Almost like a theramin. The more I work with it the more I want to learn about it and control it's boundaries. It's more than a simple tool for vibrato. I look forward to more practice with it. A few things I wish it had... longer lasting ring battery, metal casing, and a way to use it without being plugged in.
Dr John Hoskyns
Dr John Hoskyns
Really useful addition to the arsenal of devices for controlling Midi instruments. I create backing tracks for musical theatre and need to produce realistic brass, wind and string parts (I have Audiomodelling instruments and use a TEC breath controller) and this is really good for the vibrato and pressure effects (via finger tilt).



 Express yourself. That is what music is all about. With Neova you can take this to the next level, finally bridging the gap between gestures and musical expression. Neova MIDI Ring provides an innovative way to enhance live performances and control effects within your hardware and software synth. 

Designed by musicians for musicians, what are you waiting for?


Make your music immense with the Neova Dashboard, the ultimate software designed to meet your every musician requirement. Its intuitive and simple interface will let you endlessly tailor your own presets to your slightest preference. 

Infinitely configurable and upgradable, the Dashboard is your companion for an immersive and breathtaking emotional experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Neova with my synth without a computer?

The answer is yes! After loading your configuration in the Neova Hub using the Dashboard, plug the Hub in the MIDI IN port of your synth thanks to the MIDI adapters included in the Neova package.

A male-male MIDI Cable will be needed to complete the set-up, if you do not have one, you can order it on our website on this page.

Is Neova compatible with my DAW?

Neova can be used with virtually any DAW (Ableton, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Reaper, Logic Pro, Reason, Bitwig). 

Once plugged in via the Neova Hub, Neova is recognized as a native controller within your selected DAW. The ultra low-latency performance ensures you never miss a beat and can also be used whilst recording melodies and more.

Can I use Neova with my other MIDI Controllers?

Recognized as a native controller by your DAW, Neova can be used without worries with other MIDI Controllers.

Can I use Neova with my tablet?

Neova can indeed be used with a tablet. A wireless MIDI Adapter will be needed to complete your set-up.

I am not an expert in MIDI, I am afraid that it will be too complicated to set-up.

Do not worry. Tutorial videos have been made to support you step-by-step from the installation of Neova to the creation of your first preset. Our customer support is also available to answer all your questions and to set-up a call to unblock your situation.

What are the use of the Neova Hub buttons?

The Neova Hub has 4 preset buttons + a shift button. These buttons allow you to navigate through 16 presets gathered in 4 banks of 4 presets each. 


The 4 presets buttons will allow you to activate/deactivate the gestures from the bank currently used.


Regarding the shift button feature:

  • Single press: it pauses or unpauses Neova
  • Single press and hold: you can change the gesture bank, while holding the SHIFT button, you can press the other button to select another bank.
  • Double press and hold: it allows you to display the current battery level.
Where can I wear it?

Sensors are integrated inside the Neova ring and allow us to recognize the gestures made by your hand. You can put Neova on any fingers you are comfortable with.

Does Neova fit my finger size?

Inside your Neova package, a set of 8 ring sizes are included to be sure to ensure a perfect fit with your finger.

How do I charge my Neova?

Simply put Neova on the Neova Hub to charge it. A full charge allows Neova to work during 8 hours.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship in every country in the world and your parcel is delivered within 7 days.

Are there fees other than the shipping? (UK/Canada)

There are no additional fees for all countries except UK and Canada:


United Kingdom 

Because of the Brexit, the procedure is different compared with other countries. You will order Neova without taxes on our website and the VAT will be collected by our transporter DHL when your parcel crosses the border. 



Canada has its own taxes policy, not specific to our transporter DHL but to the country. 

Each imported product is subject to local taxes depending on your region (equivalent to VAT):

– Good and Services Tax: 5% (Federal)

– Provincial Sale Tax: depends on the client’s province (5 to 10%)

If you bought in the USA for example, or any other country, you would not have to pay these taxes. These additional cost will be due when your parcel crosses the border.

What is Plume VST?

Plume by Enhancia is a virtual synthesizer and a VST Host that comes with a selection of inspiring sounds specifically designed for Neova. Every gesture has already been assigned for you so you will not waste your time creating configurations. By simply scrolling presets, you can explore the richness of numerous sounds while focusing on your creative workflow.


Plume is currently under development and early access to the alpha version is available on all Neova Premier packages.

Can I return my order if I change my mind?

Yes, you can return any item you purchased on our web store to us within 30 days of receipt. You need to contact our support team, a return label will be printed and you will get your money back (excluding shipping costs).

Do you offer a product warranty?

Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty on all of our products. If your item has a defect due to a mistake on our part, we will send you a replacement free of charge.

Technical Specifications

Ring: 10g | Hub: 200g
Any DAWs. Any MIDI synthesizers
8 hours battery life
USB-C port | Midi over jack
Wireless Communication
Less than 1ms latency 15 meter range
System Requirements
Mac OS 10.11+ | Windows 10


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