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Expressive MIDI Ring Controller

Neova is a multi-award winning MIDI ring controller made to deliver expressivity at its purest form. The high-end wearable enables you to control sound effects with natural and intuitive hand gestures to enhance your musical experience.

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Use your two hands to express yourself

Neova lets you express yourself without taking your hands away from your inspiration, the keys. More control, more creativity, you can now focus on expressing your singularity.

Make your instruments more powerful

Do not replace your favorite instruments, make each one of them more expressive. Neova MIDI Ring is an accessory compatible with any of your synths or DAWs, designed to add several dimensions of control without needing to buy a whole new synth.

Control several parameters at the same time

Explore the granularity of your hardware and software sounds using our 4 gestures in the most natural way possible. Adding a vibrato in the same way as guitar and string players is now possible using Neova. Each gesture can be assigned independently to the parameter of your choice, combine each one of them to reach new level of expressivity.

Inside the box

Neova Ring

Neova Hub

8 Ring Sizes

Dashboard Software

USB Cable

MIDI Cables

Neova First Impressions

Several artists share their genuine and candid reactions to their first try with Neova.
Discover Neova with them.

“I like it … I love it. Give me 2 of them.”


Legendary composer - 25 Grammy Awards

“Neova introduces a new way of expressing yourself without taking your hands away from your inspiration: the keys.”


Grammy Award-winning composer


We didn't really know we were missing it until it's there!


Original member of Grammy Award-winning band Snarky Puppy

“THIS IS NUTS! I have no idea how you did this! Instinctively, I always do a vibrato with my hand even if it does not trigger anything …"


Youtuber, composer and keyboard player

“This is so much fun! I love how intuitive it is!”


13-year-old Jazz and R&B Prodigy Guitar, Talkboxer and Piano player

“I did not imagine it would work like that, this is surprisingly simple and natural.”


Grammy-nominated keyboard virtuoso, ‘Best Keyboardist of all time’ by Music Radar

“Man, I have never seen something like this. We wanted more expressivity and you delivered.”


Grammy Award-winning keyboardist, Anderson Paak - Free Nationals

“This way of expressing yourself is totally new. You do not need to use one of your hands to move the pitch wheel, this is brilliant!”


Synthesizer, drum machine, guitar, bass, piano and saxophone player

“Even though I’ve never seen a product like this, as soon as I have tried it I got the hang of it within seconds.”


International pianist, synthesist, producer and vocalist

“Well, I am at a loss for words! This is a crazy little gear, where can I get mine?”


Composer, arranger, producer and keyboard player Earth, Wind & Fire

“This is the perfect gear to get much more fun while playing on my instrument! This is unreal!”


Deep house and electro DJ, French producer

“That’s great man! Definitely a gear for jazz players!”


International pianist, composer, arranger and jazz virtuoso. Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation Award-Winner

“Let me know when it is out.”


Infected Mushroom, twice ranked amongst the world’s “10 Best DJ’s"

“What I love is how small and portable it is [...] It lets you play more instinctively and you get much more control possibilities!”


Multi-instrumentalist, French DJ and producer

This is definitely something we have been looking for years. This is perfect to be even more connected with my audience!”


20-year-old electronic music producer. World-Touring French musician

Our customers love us

 4.6 rating

German R.

Neova ring can add feeling even to libraries not designed for it.

I am amazed by this product! I used it with the first violin sound I found, I mean, it is not even designed to work with it, but I am delighted. I chose to use the ring in my left hand to add more realism, as if I was playing a real violin.

11 days ago

Thibault H.

I was impressed by how plug and play it was.

Just installed the software, connected the hub, and it was already correctly mapped and working with many logic's synths <3

14 days ago

Martin Z.

I wanted to congratulate you for the excellent work with Neova, it is simply wonderful!

I work with Logic Pro, mainly symphonic composition. The shipping has been very fast and the presentation of the product in its box, first class! The device works ... great! I'm so glad I bought it. Again, once again, congratulations!

8 days ago

Dean W.

The NEOVA ring is a game changer.

To be able to control essential midi parameters with natural hand gestures while playing synths is something I always dreamed of...and now it’s a reality. Really, I used to shake my hands like a string player using vibrato on long notes anyway...but now with my ring on the vibrato actually happens!

16 days ago

Mark I.

I am a music student and I hesitated because of the price, but I thought it was worth trying with the 30 day return offer. I am not gonna return it, never. One ring to rule them all!!

12 days ago

Gil A.

I LOVE IT! Even though I have never seen a product like that, I got the hang of it within seconds which is pretty remarkable, you did a good job.

13 days ago

Claudio P.

I like how you can decide which aspect of the sound you want to control, but also how much of the movement affects the sound. I totally recommend it.

4 days ago

Carole B.

First I wanna say that the final design is amazing, but so does the packaging. It really feels like the Devialet luxurious side. I was expecting a gadget but this is much more like a jewel.

3 days ago

Ben S.

It’s been a few days since I received my Neova. Omg I am doing the vibrato gesture even without having the ring!

9 days ago

They talk about us

"Neova augments whatever tune you're playing with effects that are common in modern music with natural gestures and in real time."

"We saw a small mountain of cool stuff at CES this week, but this one is still on my mind a few days later."

"Digitally controls for music are nothing new, but having them built into a ring is.”

"These movements were chosen because they tend to be natural gestures while playing a keyboard.”

A unique controller designed for musicians.

  • 4 gestures to simultaneously control multiple effects
  • 1 Neova Hub to use it directly with your synths
  • 4 buttons to load up to 16 presets
  • 1ms latency with our proprietary protocol
  • 8-hour autonomy
  • Compatible with your DAWs and Synths



Neova Premier

649$ 549$

Everything in Neova, and:

  • Neova Travel Case
  • Neova Premier Packaging
  • Plume VST Early Access (January 21)
  • Plume Sounds Collection (January 21)
  • Roland Cloud Pro – 6 months

Neova Premier Strings

1 059$ 849$

Everything in Neova, and:

  • Neova Travel Case
  • Neova Premier Packaging
  • Plume VST Early Access (January 21)
  • Plume Sounds Collection (January 21)
  • Roland Cloud Pro – 6 months
  • SWAM Violin
  • SWAM Viola
  • SWAM Cello
  • SWAM Double bass
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The Hub opens Neova to a whole new world of features designed to enhance current and future control capabilities. This leading-edge piece of technology and craftsmanship lets you tailor your system with radical precision from your fingertips. Operated via ultra-low latency, omnidirectional radio link, your control has never been so precise and reactive.

Defying the norms, the Neova Hub guarantees a seamless fit with your hardware and software synthesizers.

The Dashboard


Make your music immense with the Neova Dashboard, the ultimate software designed to meet your every musician requirement. Its intuitive and simple interface will let you endlessly tailor your own presets to your slightest preference. 

Infinitely configurable and upgradable, the Dashboard is your companion for an immersive and breathtaking emotional experience.

Neova can be used with your synth without a computer…

Neova communicates with the Hub using our proprietary wireless protocol and can be used directly with your synth without a computer. How does it work?

  • Connect your Neova Hub on your computer using the USB Cable
  • Create and configure your gestures on the Dashboard software
  • Upload up to 16 configurations in the Neova Hub
  • Connect the Neova Hub to your synth using USB or MIDI Cables
  • Perform with unparalleled expressivity

…and is compatible with your DAW

Neova is natively recognized as a MIDI controller by your computer and interfaces with any DAWs. Zero exception, zero compromise, zero concession. Your user experience has never been so simple and intuitive.

Challenge the way your world sounds

We have been closely working with over fifty musicians in order to capture the finesse of each individual. The ring can now identify extremely natural gestures and faithfully interpret each subtlety into musical expression.

Welcome to our world, your sound will behave.


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Neova Premier

649$ 549$

Neova Premier Strings

1 059$ 849$

Technical Specifications

Ring: 10g | Hub: 200g
Any DAWs. Any MIDI synthesizers
8 hours battery life
USB-C port | Midi over jack
Wireless Communication

< 1ms latency | 5m range

System Requirements
Mac OS 10.11+ | Windows 10

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