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Can I use Neova with my synth without a computer?

The answer is yes! After loading your configuration in the Neova Hub using the Dashboard, plug the Hub in the MIDI IN port of your synth thanks to the MIDI adapters included in the Neova package.

A male-male MIDI Cable will be needed to complete the set-up, if you do not have one, you can order it on our website on this page.

Is Neova compatible with my DAW?

Neova can be used with virtually any DAW (Ableton, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Reaper, Logic Pro, Reason, Bitwig).

Once plugged in via the Neova Hub, Neova is recognized as a native controller within your selected DAW. The ultra low-latency performance ensures you never miss a beat and can also be used whilst recording melodies and more.

Can I use Neova with my other MIDI Controllers?

Recognized as a native controller by your DAW, Neova can be used without worries with other MIDI Controllers.

Can I use Neova with my tablet?

Neova can indeed be used with a tablet. A wireless MIDI Adapter will be needed to complete your set-up.

I am not an expert in MIDI, I am afraid that it will be too complicated to set-up.

Do not worry. Tutorial videos have been made to support you step-by-step from the installation of Neova to the creation of your first preset. Our customer support is also available to answer all your questions and to set-up a call to unblock your situation.

What are the use of the Neova Hub buttons?

The Neova Hub has 4 preset buttons + a shift button. These buttons allow you to navigate through 16 presets gathered in 4 banks of 4 presets each.

The 4 presets buttons will allow you to activate/deactivate the gestures from the bank currently used.

Regarding the shift button feature:

  • Single press: it pauses or unpauses Neova

  • Single press and hold: you can change the gesture bank, while holding the SHIFT button, you can press the other button to select another bank.

  • Double press and hold: it allows you to display the current battery level.

Where can I wear it?

Sensors are integrated inside the Neova ring and allow us to recognize the gestures made by your hand. You can put Neova on any fingers you are comfortable with.

Does Neova fit my finger size?

Inside your Neova package, a set of 8 ring sizes are included to be sure to ensure a perfect fit with your finger.

How do I charge my Neova?

Simply put Neova on the Neova Hub to charge it. A full charge allows Neova to work during 8 hours.

What is Plume VST?

Plume by Enhancia is a virtual synthesizer and a VST Host that comes with a selection of inspiring sounds specifically designed for Neova. Every gesture has already been assigned for you so you will not waste your time creating configurations. By simply scrolling presets, you can explore the richness of numerous sounds while focusing on your creative workflow.

Plume is currently under development and early access to the alpha version is available on all Neova Premier packages.


How do I upgrade my Neova Firmware?

A notification on the menu button will tell you that new firmware releases are available. To upgrade your firmware, go to the menu under the “Updates” tab, and click on the Upgrade Fimware button. Make sure your Neova HUB is connected to your computer, and that your Ring charges during the process.

How do I upgrade my software?

If an update is available, a notification screen will let you download and install the latest Dashboard version on start up.

If you want to update the Software later, a notification on the menu button will remind you about that the update is available. To upgrade your software, go to the menu under the “Updates” tab, and click on the Update button.


How do I charge my Neova?

The Hub integrates a dedicated docking support to charge the ring.

How long can I use the Neova Ring for?

With a full charge, you can use the ring around 8 hours before the battery runs out.

How do I know my Neova Ring is properly charging ?

There are two ways:

  • The Dashboard displays the battery level on its interface just like the Hub,.

  • The Neova Hub’s leds blink, showing the current battery level.

When the Neova Ring is fully charged, the 4 Hub leds will show a non-blinking green color.

Refer to the User Manual to know how to read the battery indicators, downloadable from your account.

How long does it take to fully charge the Neova Ring?

It takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes to fully charge the Neova Ring.


How long does it take to fully charge the Neova Ring?I plugged 2 Neova Hubs, but I can only use one!

  • Only one HUB can be used at the time. If you plug 2 HUBs, only the former can be used.

  • The Dashboard will alert you tell you the steps to follow: unplug both HUBs and plug back the one you want to use.

My Neova Hub was not detected!

  • Please unplug you hub, wait around 5 seconds and plug it back.

  • Make sure you are using a provided Enhancia USB C cable, as some USB cables will only power up devices without any data transfer.

My synthesizer doesn’t receive MIDI from Neova!

Make sure you use the Enhancia’s MIDI to Jack adaptor. Some cables do not follow the standard MIDI norm and may not work.

Make sure the MIDI channel for your current gesture bank is the one expected by the synthesizer. MIDI Channel 1 is the one most instruments expect but it may vary in specific cases.

Make sure the instrument can receive the messages you are sending. For the Vibrato and Pitch Bend, make sure your instrument uses pitch messages. For the tilt and roll, the CC number should be excepted by the instrument.

My DAW does not receive messages from Neova!

Make sure Neova is activated in your DAW’s MIDI preferences.

My Neova Ring is not connected, even when close to the Neova Hub

Make sure your Neova Ring’s battery is not empty, by charging it with the HUB for a couple minutes.

Make sure your Neova Ring is not asleep. The Ring falls asleep when it sits still for a few minutes and the HUB is disconnected. To wake up the Ring, move it sharply, or put it on the HUB’s charging station.


Am I wearing my Neova Ring the right way?

Ensure your wear your ring with the thinner part facing your left, as displayed by the following figure.

If in doubt, you can create a Roll or Pitch Bend gesture from the Dashboard and make sure the indicator accurately follows your hand’s movement.

Can I use other instruments with Neova?

Neova is a MIDI controller compatible with any device that supports MIDI. This means you can use it with DJ turntable, electric drums or even guitar MIDI pedals.

Does Neova generate sound?

Neova does not produce sound. It has to be associated with a audio source such as a DAW or a synthesizer.

Does Neova generate sound?

Neova does not produce sound. It has to be associated with a audio source such as a DAW or a synthesizer.

My ring size doesn’t fit my fingers!

The Neova Ring must fits your right index finger. Make sure you try the ring before assembling the stone on top !

If none of the provided rings fit your index finger, fill the contact form to ask for additional ring sizes.