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ENHANCIA, a French musical hardware and software company, was established in 2017 by a young team of recent university graduates with a passion for music. The team of inspired musicians quickly developed a new musically-driven, motion-sensing technology that helped children with disabilities interact with music more easily—like playing drums by simply motioning their hand in the air. As musicians, the founders were compelled to further develop the technology as a creative tool for musicians of all levels—leading to the creation of the Neova Ring MIDI controller and Plume software—unique products that inspire musical creativity and help musicians exceed the technical limits of their instruments.

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"Neova augments whatever tune you're playing with effects that are common in modern music with natural gestures and in real time."

"We saw a small mountain of cool stuff at CES this week, but this one is still on my mind a few days later."

"Digitally controls for music are nothing new, but having them built into a ring is.”

"These movements were chosen because they tend to be natural gestures while playing a keyboard.”

Neova received a CES Innovation Award in “Wearable Technologies” category.

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